// First world problems of the veg derby girl//

The downfalls of being a Veg Derby Girl

Besides the obvious dietary hurdles I’ve been running into with getting enough protein and B-12 vitamins, I’ve found another issue I have to learn to deal with.

Being a vegetarian when it comes to Derby parties and get togethers.

 I’m not sure if this is just my team, or derby wide but the girls seem to have an odd obsession with bacon. So far since I’ve been on the league I can think of one party that seemed to turn into a ’meat and bacon’ pot luck by the time the big day came. I didnt get to go to this party (no not because of what was being served, I’m not that big of an ass lol), because I had already agreed to another party but if I had I still wonder how I would have felt in the environment and not being able to try any of my teammates cooking. This is really a catch all when it comes to my life in general and parties involving food. My options are always just… limited.

 My league is having its anniversary party soon and food is the topic of the day it seems. I always feel like such a downer whenever I have to chime in and remind people that I’m the odd one out when it comes to what we can get for food. Girls are throwing the ideas of BBQ, and Fajitas, and Pot Lucks, and catering. Here I am like “Hey guyz!! Hate to be a drag but dont forget about little ol’ me when you’re pricing those fajitas and pulled pork sandwiches!!” Honestly, everyone is always really nice when it comes to this, and I know I’m internalizing and no one thinks I’m a buzz kill, but whatevs.

In all reality for this anniversary party my teammates have really done an amazing job at giving us options to vote on and really having some great vegetarian selections so that I can eat too. I think it’s just always going to be me being an awkward turtle whenever I have to remind people to think of me when making team food related decisions.

….End pointless babbling.

// 27 in 5//

So at practice last night a group of girls were being evaluated for their minimums,  and as a team we got to attempt the dreaded 27 laps in 5 minutes.  This was my first attempt and I was so excited and nervous!  I ended up doing 19 laps, and I’m fairly happy with that. I know next time I will get better, I have a loooot to improve on, but I’m glad to finally set a bar for myself.
The rest of practice was good, but not my best. Sometimes I just don’t know if I’m improving. I get mixed signals from my trainers every now and then and its frustrating.  I just want so badly for skating to finally click. I’m ready to no longer look like a deer on skates.

// IT’s a CHALLENGE!!!//

So what am I doing today you ask?

  Well I’m starting a CHALLENGE!!! Yup i’ve decided to give one of these 30-day challenges a try. They are all the rage on facebook, twitter, and pintrest and I see all these crazy result pictures soooo I’ll try it out and let you know if it’s legit. But since I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe in just focusing on one body part I’m going to do 2 at once!

Ok, I’m sure by now you’re getting impatient about which challenges I’m tho I’m sure deep down inside you already know. I will be attempting the 30-day squat challenge and the 30-day crunches challenge. Since this is the beginning of August it looks like the perfect time to start! So on the 1st after work I pulled on my booty shorts and took some before pictures for your viewing pleasure and then i did my first 50 squats and 20 crunches. Easy enough. It’s day 4 right now, I’m on a rest day and then tomorrow its 70 squats and 40 crunches! I promise I’ll start posting pictured I just keep forgetting to get them off my camera. 

I’ve included the squat challenge pictures so that you guys could do this challenge with me!


Welp that feels like enough today, Keep calm and whip on ladies!

~Miss. Fire~

// Meatless protein sources//

(I am not a medical professional. everything on here is from things I’ve learned and researched. If you have medical concerns please contact your medical provider.)

One of the biggest protests I hear whenever I say that I’m a vegetarian is ” How do you get your protein?” This comment before derby used to drive me up the walls. So let me back track a little to just normal non-derby/athletic people.

  In the U.S the average person consumes WAY more protein then they actually need for their bodies to function. Most people who are not doing a high level of activity dont need as much protein as we as a society take in. So for just starters and average person could be a vegetarian and not have to be concerned about not getting enough protein.

Now that I got that off my chest let me move to vegetarian athletes. Yes we do need more protein than the average vegetarian person, but it is completely possible to get enough without eating meat. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this lately because this sport is rough, it’s not easy, and because of that we need to take a higher interest in our bodies. We only get one of these vessels, and we need to fuel it properly to take the beatings we take.

The most important advice I can give to other vegetarian players or heck all athletes is to LISTEN to your body. Our bodies are smart, they know when they are not getting enough of what they need, and they react accordingly. A few signs that you may not be getting the protein you need are:

*Being Tired- I’m not saying tired because you just woke up this morning, I mean take a nap in the middle of the day when normally you wouldn’t kind of tired. If you find that your energy level is just lower then normal you may need to take in some more protein

*You feel weak after you work out- Our bodies use protein to re-build our muscles and when we dont get enough our bodies have nothing to work with and you find yourself feeling generally weaker after a workout. This does not mean tired from doing hard work I’m talking about the actual strength in our muscles.

*Slow recovery time from injury- If it’s taking you longer than normal to recover from an injury then you may have a protein deficiency.

*Hair loss- Sounds strange, but when you are not getting enough of the proper nutrients your body starts to hoard what you do have. So it’s not spending protein and other nutrients on things like hair and nail growth.

Ok, now that I’ve covered the base of what you may feel like when you dont get enough protein let me finally tell you where I personally get all my non-meat protein from. I’m going to try and separate them by food group.

★Nuts & Seeds★

Pumpkin seeds



Sunflower Seeds



Flax Seeds

★Dairy ★(I’m a vegetarian not a vegan)

Cheddar Cheese


feta cheese

cottage cheese



Low Fat Yogurt


Yellow Corn (I personally have been limiting my corn lately)

Soy Beans

Peas (great in curry!)





★Cereal, bread, grains and pasta ★(aka: My favorite foods)


Wheat Flour

Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Egg noodles

Couscous (not going to lie I dont use it much personally)

Brown Rice

Whole Wheat Bread

Rye Bread

Whole Wheat Pita Bread

** There are a lot more than what I have listed, these are just things that I use a lot of in my own home**

I think this is a good stopping point for today. My thoughts are getting jumbles up so I’m just going to tackle this one topic at a time.

Ok my brutal derby ladies, till next time!!

~Miss. Fire~

// Shall I introduce myself?//

    Greetings my Derby Divas, my Bashing Babes, my Vicious vixens, my.. Well you get the idea.

    The name’s Miss. Fire, and I’m a healthy piece of fresh meat! Before you back out of here thinking this is just some noob derby wanna be, I hope I can make you reconsider. Almost all the derby blogs I read are from these amazingly talented skaters who have at LEAST 2 years of derby under their belts, and that’s fantastic. I have nothing against that, shit I read those blogs to help me learn. The purpose of MY blog is for those other fresh meat girls like myself who can see themselves in my journey. I want you to be able to travel with me through every D-stroke I take, I want to hear from you ladies about the successes and failures (because we all fall on our asses from time to time) you’ve experienced. I want to be able to tell you first when I do my first sprinting turn around toe stop, when I pass my minimums, and when I get to play in my first bout. I’m hoping this blog will be a little bit of an inspiration, as well as a place for me to meet and become friends with the derby community outside of the Austin, TX area.

   Along with me being 3 weeks fresh on my skates I’m a vegetarian…. Ok I’ll be honest I’m technically a pescatarian because sometimes I’ll eat some fish; you know, when I’m at a restaurant and I just cant eat any more cheese enchiladas or deep fried vegetables.

   So the purpose of this blog for me is really to document my skating progress and help me dissect how I feel about this sport over time, and to take a closer look into my diet and what I will need to do in order to properly fuel and nourish my body for the increased activity. I wont go too deep into diet changes and protein and other supplements today because this is just my introduction, I just wanted to get you ready for what you will be seeing a lot of from me. I’ll also be posting a lot of recipes, and work outs, and so on and so forth for your enjoyment.

   How about I share a little about me huh? Well I’m 24 and I live in a small town just north of Austin called Pflugerville (I know it’s weird). I have started playing with a league called the Rockin City Rollergirls, and it has been AMAZING so far. It’s a fairly new league with a wide ranged of players and experience levels, and everyone is so welcoming. That was my biggest concern about joining a team of all women, and they have just blown my expectations out of the water. Outside of derby I’m a karaoke FIEND, I live for it! Don’t confuse this with me being a good singer, because I’m not, I just like to subject strangers to my voice. I also have a very supportive man in my life who will very soon start feeling the symptoms of becoming a Derby Widow. I have the most adorable, loving, dopy corgi the world has ever known. His name is Porkchops (yes plural) and you will probably see a lot of him here. When I’m not on 8-wheels I’m a personal banker, and darn good at my job. I am also a huge nerd, like really huge. I have been working for anime conventions since I was 16, and my video game obsession right now is a little game called League of Legends. Hmmm oh! When I was in college I played Rugby for the Texas State Women’s team for two years, so I am no stranger to taking and giving a beating. Rugby is the main reason I joined derby actually. I started to really miss a high energy, high contact sport and even though there is a rugby league in Austin it was just too far out of my way and conflicted with my personal schedule so that’s why I decided to give derby a try. soo.. yeah I’m not a wimp.

   Well I suppose this is as good a stopping point as ever, I’m not sure what else to say about myself right now. So I hope I’ve done enough to at least convince you to give me a try and I cant wait to start hearing from you ladies!

   Till next time my derby companions!!

                                       ~Miss. Fire~

P.S: I am aware that my grammar is horrible and my comma placement might make some of you sick…. Complain to someone who cares.

Just a piece of fresh meat sharing her derby experiences with the world.